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Scientific Investigations and Education

Have you ever pondered what happens when you mix different household items? With your patrol, you will mix everyday household stuff and see what the outcomes of your experiments will be. What would happen if you mix vinegar and baking soda? This is a fun way to learn more about chemistry without having to worry about making a mess!


Have you seen the movie Brave? Would you like to learn how Merida wields her bow and rides horse back! In this program girls will have the opportunity to learn archery at camp and go horseback riding at a nearby stable! You will also be able to find the blue wisps up Rock Ledges! Are you ready to be Brave?

Cache Me!

Welcome to the world of Geocaching! In this continuation of a geocaching program, you will have the opportunity to find geocaches in camp but also leave camp twice and look for geocaches that have been hidden by others. Together you and your group will visit and find different caches that you want to find. There are many different kinds of caches, boxes, virtual, historical and micros. Which ones will you choose to do? Cache me if you can!