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A couple of weeks ago, (March 12th to be exact) Girl Scouts celebrated 100 years of building girls of courage, confidence and character. We have made a lot of strides in our short 100 year history. But where do we see ourselves for our next 100 years? In 2012, we live in a world where women make 75 cents for every dollar a man earns. Although we make up 50% of the population, only 17% of women are represented in Congress, and only 15% are corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies, with 3% as CEO or Board Chair. Although a lot has changed since Juliette Gordon Low started her first gathering of girls in 1912, the need to build strong female leaders has not.

Truly, we need to continue to build girls of confidence. Recent studies have shown girls have the desire to lead, and that desire disappears the time they reach high school. The questions beg: why and how do girls lose the urge to lead? There has been much speculation, one being girls simply lack the confidence within themselves, and they have no female role models to emulate. Girl Scouts very mission is to give girls the confidence to peruse any goal they dream of.  For our alumnae it has certainly been effective; with over 70% of the 90 women in Congress are Girl Scout alumnae, most notably our Secretary of State; Hilary Clinton.

So, as we launch into our next 100 years and beyond, Girl Scouts has begun To Get Her There, a commitment to build strong female leaders, with a emphasize on programs like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and MATH) which are fields  historically dominated by men. In the next 100 years to come, let’s not reach the glass ceiling, let’s obliterate it!


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