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In our last blog post, I forgot to mention an interesting fact- when GSUSA joined the national movement to end childhood obesity; they were joining forces with First Lady Michelle Obama herself! The keynote speaker on childhood obesity at the Partnership for Healthier America summit, at which GSUSUA pledged their support, was First Lady Michelle Obama.

The First Lady started her campaign to end the epidemic of childhood obesity, “Let’s Move!” more than a year ago. She has worked to get many companies, including big names like Walmart, to pledge to support through increasing healthy options available, and implementing better labeling, so you know what is healthy and what isn’t. Her “Let’s Move” campaign even earned her an honorary mention in her husband’s State of the Union address. Clearly, we’re in good company as we join the fight to end childhood obesity. But more than just raising awareness, we need to lead by example too.

Let’s move! Take action- not just through raising awareness in others, but through literally taking action ourselves- going outside!

How much do you exercise? Most adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days per week (Centers for Disease Control and Research), and for kids it’s even more, 60 minutes of moderate exercise  (Department of Health and Human Services).Do you like to hike? Or maybe ski in the upcoming winter? Whatever type of exercise you prefer, choose one and stick to it! Or choose several, and mix it up- memberships at a local gym give you lots of options, even in winter. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring – if the more traditional forms aren’t your thing, try Zumba, or kickboxing! Or just grab a soccer ball and play a pick up game with friends! When you make exercise fun, you don’t even realize it IS exercise.

And remember, the 5 K race is coming up! If you need some motivation to stay healthy and in shape this winter, what better way!


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