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Girls Running the World Daisy Dash & 5K – 4/26/14 Schenectady Central Park

***** Second Cycle of Registration***** NO T-SHIRT                       

We have received many phone calls from those of you who missed the registration deadline for Girls Running the World Daisy Dash & 5K. We would like to accommodate you by adding another period of registration so that girls will not be disappointed. We will be accepting registrations online as well as paper registrations with a fee of $5.00 which will include both the Girls Running the World Patch and participation medal for girls. There are a limited number of patches and medals so when registrations have met this number registrations will once again be closed.

Important reminder – there is still separate registrations for the Girls Running the World Daisy Dash, (Girls Running the World Daisy Dash Patch & Medal Only 4/26/14) and Girls Running the World 5K, (Girls Running the World 5K Patch & Medal Only 4/26/14)

Remember, GSNENY staff has created Training Guides for each of the GS Grade levels to help you as you prepare for the run. They can be located further down the page.

Key things to keep in mind:

·         Drop off your run waiver during the day of the run at the registration table

·         No day of run registrations will be accepted

·         Registration deadline 4/11/14 for this second cycle of registration

If you have any questions regarding Girls Running the World Daisy Dash & 5K please contact either Linda Stephen or Dee Streeter

For help with registration you can call 489-8110 and ask for the Registrar’s Office


It’s hard to believe that we are preparing for the 3rd Annual Girls Running the World 5K & Daisy Dash. We had such a beautiful day last year and Schenectady Central Park was such a lovely location. We can’t wait to have the run again at the park on April 26, 2014.

Once again the race will be non-competitive in nature to allow for everyone to complete the 5K portion at their own pace but we will also have the time clock on hand for those who are serious runners. We’ve changed the time of the Daisy Dash so those participating in the 5K can watch and cheer as they come over the bridge and up the hill to the finish line. We will still have the Training Guides which complement Journeys for each of the GS grade levels available further down the page for you to download along with Facebook posts to help you along the way. There are even be some “Couch to 5K” materials to help you. If you are looking for a great website to assist you as you prepare for the Dash and 5K visit Also, check with your local grocery stores to find if they have a nutritionist who can offer a tour or program for your community or troop.

The city of Schenectady is excited to have GSNENY use this great gem of their city and after the run is finished the park is available for picnicking and use of their playgrounds and facilities.

GSNENY staff will be on hand to cheer you on as well as participating in the run! We’ll make certain to have music and warm-up activities ready to get you revved up to run!

Girl Scouting builds girls of Courage, Confidence and Character, and the run is a great way to get started. Imagine the possibilities of how you can take charge, impact future, and begin to think about your plan to play a role in “Running the World.”


Remember when registering to include the t-shirt sizes required as well as signing off on the Girls Running the World Daisy Dash & 5K Participation Waiver!

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Check-In Time: begins at 8:30 am
5K starts at 10:00 am / Daisy Dash at 11:15 am
Location: Schenectady Central Park
Cost: $20/girl for both Daisy Dash & 5K
Includes the Girls Running the World Daisy Dash & 5K t-shirt and participation medal.
Cost: $15/Adult
Includes Girls Running the World t-shirt.

Training Guides

Please visit our social media sites to view updates, fun facts, and tips as you’re training for the run!