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Volunteer Resources

Welcome to Volunteer Resources. Below you will find tools to help lead your troop.


New Volunteer Training Requirements

GSNENY Volunteer Orientation


Beyond Your Troop Meeting

If you are planning to take  your troop on an activity outside of your meeting place, you need to complete the training video and knowledge check.  ( coming soon!)


Girls on a Journey to Change the World!

Supporting Your Girls!

All About Daisies!
>>What Daisies Do 




All About Brownies
>>What Brownies Do




All About Juniors
>>What Juniors Do




All About Cadettes
>>What Cadettes Do




All About Seniors
>>What Seniors Do




All About Ambassadors
>>What Ambassadors Do


Financial Literacy

5 Skills of the Cookie Program


Leading Your Girls Outdoors

Outdoor Training Requirements