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Volunteer Resources

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    • Volunteer Connection


      If you are a volunteer and would like to view an earlier edition of Volunteer Connection, please contact us and we will get you copies if possible.

    • Application Packet

    • Adult Recruitment

      The Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York’s “Grow a Garden” Club is an adult recruitment initiative formed to increase our adult volunteer numbers, in our efforts to make the Girl Scouting experience available to every girl who chooses it! If you recruit a new adult to volunteer you are eligible to earn a “Daisy” recruitment pin, in honor of Juliette “Daisy” Low.

      For more information about the Club and to get started: fill out the Grow-A-Garden Membership Form and submit it to

    • Learning Links

      Learning is an ongoing process that takes place in many ways: attending Service Unit meetings, talking with other volunteers, reading written materials, surfing the Internet, oh–and attending classes and workshops!

      Learning Links is all about enriching your volunteer experience through a variety of topics. We will be adding new links on a regular basis.

      If you have suggestions for topics or resources, please contact email

      Materials to support the Journeys, including It’s Your Journey, Customize It!
      Use this planning tool with all of your Girl Scout activities to make sure they connect to the Leadership Development Model.  This is a revised version of what is included in Leadership Essentials.

      Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens Today (2009)
      This new research study from the Girl Scout Research Institute explores the beliefs and values of youth today. It builds on a study published in 1989 by Girl Scouts of the USA and compares the ethics and moral judgment of youth 20 years ago.  There are also tip sheets for volunteers and parents.

      Transforming Leadership Continued
      Transforming Leadership Continued (TLC) expands the discussion of leadership begun in Transforming Leadership with its focus on the three Girl Scout Processes-Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning.

      Connecting Activities to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience
      Use this planning tool with all of your Girl Scout activities to make sure they connect to the Leadership Development Model.  This is a revised version of what is included in Leadership Essentials.

      Using Existing Resources within the Leadership Development Model
      The tip sheets help you identify the leadership key, emphasize the processes and identify outcomes for a specific award in each grade level. This is great practice for applying the Girl Scout Leadership Development Model for all of your Girl Scout activities.

      GSLE Electronic Resource
      This highly interactive resource guides you through the key features and benefits of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and answers some common questions. Consider sharing this with everyone you know—it is an excellent explanation of how we are transforming the Girl Scout Movement.

      Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership
      A new study from the Girl Scout Research Institute: Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership presents findings from a national study of almost 4,000 girls and boys on a broad spectrum of issues related to leadership: how they define it; their experiences, failures, and successes with leadership experimentation; their aspirations, hopes, and fears; the effect of gender biases and stereotypes; and predictors of leadership aspiration. From the evidence of this report, girls are clearly saying we need to “change it up” in how we define and think about leadership.

      Water Drop Patch Project
      The Water Drop Patch Project inspires Girl Scouts to learn about water quality and to take action in their communities to protect and restore local water resources, including their local rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and ground water. The project supports the Girl Scout Leadership Development Program by promoting the following goals for girls:

      • Discover – Explore the natural world to learn about watersheds and water pollution
      • Connect – Use their skills and their knowledge to work with others to educate their communities about the need to protect the nation’s valuable water resources
      • Take Action – Make a difference in their communities by becoming watershed and wetlands stewards.
    • Safety Activity Checkpoints

      Available in Spanish and English, this resource replaces Safety-Wise by including everything you need to know about each activity on 1 – 2 pages!  When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity.  Each checkpoint includes the following:

      • Know where to do the activity.
      • How to include girls with disabilities.
      • How to prepare for the activity.
      • Reminders for the day of the activity.
      • Links to guide you to the best-known and best-respected Web sites.
      • Know-How for Girls offers games, mini-lessons, and other fun ways to expand girls’ knowledge.
      • Jargon helps you and the girls master activity-specific terminology.
    • Safety Guidelines