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Volunteer Resources

Thank you for volunteering!

Without you, none of this would be possible.

  • New Volunteer Requirements
  • Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)
  • Supporting Your Girls
  • Leading Your Girls Outdoors
  • Financial Literacy


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Troop Finances

Video and other resources coming soon!


Beyond Your Troop Meeting


Girls on a Journey to Change the World!


>>What Daisies Do

>>What Brownies Do

>>What Juniors Do

>>What Cadettes Do

>>What Seniors  & Ambassadors Do


Leading Your Girls Outdoors

Site Orientation

Get most of the information you need without traveling to the property!  Once a volunteer has rented of our properties, they will be sent a copy of the site orientation booklet for that property.  Be sure to return the course completion form wit your property rental application.

Outdoor Skills

Completion of the course will allow a troop to:

  • Use any GS properties for day use with outdoor cooking
  • Go overnight lodge camping at any GS Property with outdoor activities
  • Participate in Service Unit Encampments

You will learn:

  • Health and Safety Procedures
  • Outdoor cooking skills with recipes
  • Fire Building
  • Knot Tying
  • Proper dress for the outdoors

Small Craft Safety

Completion of the course will allow a volunteer to take girls boating in canoes and kayaks.

Encampment Orientation

This class is for new Encampment Directors.  You will learn to plan, implement and evaluate your Service Unit Encampment.

Overnight Tent Camping Training

Gain the additional experience you need to take your troop tent camping: additional outdoor living skills, programming ideas and sleeping in tents.

*Completion of the course, in addition to First Aid and Outdoor skills will enable a troop to go tent/shelter camping.  A Tent Camping Equivalency may be granted for completion of Outdoor Skills and participation in an encampment or multi troop overnight experience in tents.

For more information on GSNENY Property Rentals click HERE!