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Meet Mary "Maxwell" La Creta

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County of Residence
Volunteer Position
Former Leader/Outdoor
How long have you been a volunteer?
Were you a Girl Scout?
If yes, how many years?
2 Years
How many generations of Girl Scouts are in your family?
My mother was my leader, and I was leader/co-leader for my two daughters.
How has the Girl Scout Movement impacted your life?

The Girl Scout Movement has definitely had a positive impact on my life.  I find that I personally challenge myself in order to present better, more informative and useful program for girls.  Through girls' questions and comments, I have seen the world through their eyes.  They have helped me develop an appreciation of our world.  I hope the enthusiasm and love I have developed for Scouting over the years conveys to the girls I meet.  I want girls to see that Girl Scouts is a way of life and not just an activity to fill time when they are young.

What does being a Girl Scout volunteer mean to you?

Being a Girl Scout volunteer means showing girls that they have the power to change their world.  I love seeing "the look" in a girl's eyes when she realizes she can truly make a difference.  A couple of years ago I did a tree program with a group of Scouts.  I read an age-appropriate story, and then we planted trees.  At the end of the program as parents were arriving, one of the girls ran up to her mother shouting "I planted a tree!  I helped the Earth!"  These are the moments that make volunteering so important to me.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout word or phrase?

"A Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it."

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Thin Mints!