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Volunteer Courses

We are proud to offer courses for volunteers of the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York. See our course listing and get started today!  You can find specific dates with the registration links in the online registration portal:

  • Outdoor Education Courses

    Guiding girls in outdoor activities can be an exciting adventure!  The Girl Scout Outdoor Education courses give practical experience in planning and carrying out these activities in a safe and purposeful way.

    If desired, a copy of the GSUSA publication Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting may be purchased at Outdoor Skills or Tent Camping classes for $10.00.

    Here’s a link to the class calendar listing through our online registration portal!

    Outdoor Skills

    Learn about health and safety procedures, outdoor living skills, proper dress for the outdoors, menu planning with recipes, and types of outdoor equipment needed as you actively participate in fire building, outdoor cooking, knot tying, and use of knives.  Bring a plate, cup and eating utensils; you will eat what you cook!  Dress appropriately for the weather; the entire class is held outdoors.   Completion of this course will, in addition to Site Orientation and First Aid, enable a troop to: use GSNENY property (daytime) with outdoor cooking; go overnight lodge camping with outdoor activities; do outdoor cooking/activities at a non-GSNENY property; participate in a Service Unit Encampment/Multi-Troop Camping Experience.
    Fee:  $12.00    Minimum: 6      Maximum: 24  participants

    Overnight (Tent) Camping

    Gain the additional experience you need to take your troop tent camping: additional outdoor living skills, programming ideas, sleeping in tents.  Bring a plate, cup and eating utensils; you will eat what you cook! Please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight (with fresh batteries), toiletries, medications, warm clothing for the evening and an extra pair of socks.   You are encouraged, but not required to bring a personal tent.  Dress appropriately for the weather as the entire class is held outdoors.

    * Completion of this course will, in addition to Site Orientation, First Aid and Outdoor Skills, enable a troop to: go tent/shelter camping as a single troop.  A Tent Camping Equivalency may also be granted for completion of Outdoor Skills and participation in an encampment or multi-troop overnight experience in tents.

    Fee: $12.00 | Minimum: 6 | Maximum: 24  participants

    Site Orientation

    Learn procedures to use at each of the council-owned properties.  Tour the property to learn about the available facilities and equipment.  Dress for the outdoors.  Boots or comfortable shoes are recommended.  Either a Physical or Self-Directed Site Orientation is required for any use of the properties.  You must take the orientation for the specific property you plan to use.

    Fee: Free | Minimum: 6 | Maximum: 24  participants

    Site Orientation:  Hidden Lake Camp
    Site Orientation:  Camp Is-Sho-Da
    Site Orientation:  Lake Clear Camp
    Site Orientation:  Camp Meadowbrook
    Site Orientation:  Camp Wood Haven

    Self-Directed Site Orientation

    Get much of the information you need without traveling to the property!  Once a volunteer has rented one of our properties, they will be sent a copy of the updated Site Orientation booklet for that property.  To get credit, read the booklet and return the acknowledgement form to the Albany Service Center.

    Small Craft Safety

    Successful completion of this American Red Cross course, along with First Aid/CPR certification, allows a volunteer to take girls boating in canoes and kayaks.  Please bring swimming gear (suit, towel, etc.) and sunscreen.  Feel free to bring your own life jacket (PFD), canoe paddle, bug repellent, and warm-up clothing in the event we have a chilling wind. You should also bring a water bottle and a bag lunch. Certification is good for 3 years.

    Fee: $30.00 | Minimum: 6 | Maximum: 14  participants

    Encampment Director Orientation

    This class is for new Encampment Directors. You will learn to plan, implement and evaluate a Service Unit Encampment. This is a requirement for all Service Unit Encampments. Prerequisites: Outdoor Skills or approved equivalency OR highest Outdoor training from your prior Council, as well as Site Orientation, experience with a large event that involved some area of responsibility and experience camping with groups of children as leader or camp counselor. People who have had previous Encampment Director training do NOT need to attend this class. Exemptions may be made for people with prior experience in lieu of formal training.  Contact the Adult Learning Specialist to schedule.

    Fee: Free

    “Me & My Gal” events

    Classes designated as “Me & My Gal” events are open to Girl Scout adults and their special Girl Scout (1 per adult).  Both the adult and girl must be registered online and pay the course fee.

    Outdoor Education Courses Needed by GSNENY Volunteers

    If your troop wants to… You need at least one adult with your troop who has…
    Use camp property (daytime) with no cooking Site Orientation* (Camp specific) and First Aid/CPR
    Use camp property (daytime) with outdoor cooking Site Orientation* and Outdoor Skills and First Aid/CPR
    Have a sleepover in a lodge without outdoor activities Site Orientation* and First Aid/CPR
    Use a lodge for overnight camping with outdoor activities Site Orientation* and Outdoor Skills plus First Aid/CPR
    Go tent/shelter camping as a single troop Site Orientation* and First Aid/CPR plus either: Outdoor Skills with encampment or multi-troop overnight experience in tents OR Outdoor Skills and Tent Camping
    Participate in Service Unit Encampment/Multi-Troop Camping Site Orientation* and Outdoor Skills
    Take a day trip or overnight (not camping) Girl Scouting 101 and First Aid
    Use the waterfront at camp Troops and Service Units are able to find qualified volunteers to run these activities for them, or are able to request certified individuals from the Property Rentals Assistant for a fee. Copies of the appropriate certifications must be on file with council for a volunteer to be eligible to supervise waterfront activities on GSNENY properties. Regardless of whether or not an individual volunteers their time or receives a fee, all individuals supervising waterfront activities on a GSNENY property must be or become registered members of the Girl Scout movement.
    Use boats at camp

    * Site Orientation is now available as a home study or physical orientation!

    GSNENY Outdoor Skills =

    NC Outdoor Education
    AD Day Tripper and Troop Sleepover
    MP Basic Outdoor Skills
    HV Basic Outdoor Skills

    GSNENY Tent Camping =

    NC Outdoor Education
    AD Tent Camper
    MP Beginning Troop Camping

    HV Troop Camp Course

    If a Service Unit/Community would like to hold an encampment/multi-troop camping weekend consisting of 3 or more troops, they need to have an Encampment Director who has:

    • Outdoor Skills
    • Site Orientation
    • Encampment Director/Camping Coordinator training
    • Experience planning multi-troop events

    In addition, this person may not have primary responsibility for troop supervision that weekend.  Volunteers with previous experience leading encampments may qualify for exemption from this course.

    A designated first aider who also does not have primary responsibility for a troop is also required.

  • First-Aid/CPR

    Emergencies require prompt action and quick judgment. For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be first aid and CPR certified. For that reason, if you have the opportunity to get trained in council-approved first-aid/CPR, do it!


    A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout approved first-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR. Take advantage of courses available to you through Girl Scouts of Northeastern NY or your community: EMP America, American Red Cross, National Safety Council, American Heart Association, or other sponsoring organizations approved by GSNENY. If you have a chance to be fully trained in first-aid and CPR, doing so may make event- and activity-planning go a little more smoothly. The Safety Activity Checkpoints tell you when a first-aider needs to be present and, if you’re a first-aider, you’ll be all set!
    There are two categories of first-aiders:
    • First-aider (level 1): The presence of a first-aider (level 1) is required many group activities. The course required to be a first-aider (level 1) is one that offers standard first-aid and CPR, preferably with a focus on children. The Safety Activity Checkpoints state clearly when a first-aider (level 1) is needed.
    • First-aider (level 2): The presence of a first-aider (level 2) is required at resident camp, and at any camp activity with more than 200 participants. In addition, some activities require a first-aider (level 2); the Safety Activity Checkpoints state clearly whether a first-aider (level 2) is needed. First-aiders (level 2) pass the same course as first-aiders (level 1), and also have emergency response/first response, sports safety, wilderness first-aid, and/or advanced first-aid and CPR training. Each organization has a different name for its training, so be sure to ask whether a training course fulfills the level-2 requirements.

    GSNENY offers Pediatric Plus Medic First Aid classes.

    Medic First Aid: Includes both First Aid and CPR (certification good for 2 years) Fee: $28.00

    We offer:

    • Face to face classes (6 hours)
    • Blended learning option, where you complete lessons and tests online then attend a face to face skills practice session (2.5 hours)

    Please note that we are phasing out the Refresher classes!  Many people were challenged with the written exam and felt more comfortable taking the blended learning online lessons.  If your Medic First Aid has expired no more than 90 days prior to your requested skills session date AND if you have been continuously certified for many years and actually use the skills, please contact and we can accommodate your request to take the exam.

    Here’s a link to the schedule of GSNENY classes through our online registration portal!

    Malta Ambulance Corps also offers American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) courses. Their First Aid certification is good for 3 years; CPR certification is good for 2 years. Training classes are held at the Malta Ambulance Corps building at 2449 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020, ¼ mile south of the Dunning Street (Northway exit 12) roundabout. Park in rear. Meeting / training room entrance is through double doors at right side of building furthest from bay doors.
    To register for classes, email Cost of class is $5.00 for First Aid / $7.00 for CPR. An optional CPR book can be purchased for $7.00. Combination CPR / First Aid book is available for $10.00. Also available are CPR face shield packs for $3.00. Payment is made at class. Checks can be made payable to Malta Ambulance Corps.
    Click here for the latest Malta Ambulance Corps schedule!
  • Volunteer Essentials

    Here is all of the volunteer essentials information about how we operate.  This is not meant to be digested in one sitting, but instead to be accessed as needed.  There is also a Quick Start Guide included for new Girl Scout volunteers.

  • Troop Pathway Orientation

    Troop Pathway Orientation is for Girl Scouting at your local level for troop-level volunteers.  This is scheduled through your local contact (Community Team Member).  Here is a link to the Troop Pathway Orientation resource.

  • Core Leadership

    Girl Scouting 101 is the online learning resource from GSUSA.  This replaces Online Volunteer Orientation and Online Leadership Essentials.  It is required for new leaders and new assistant leaders and other interested adults.  Girl Scout activities may not happen without a trained adult present, and having at least 2 adults in a troop with Girl Scouting 101 or Leadership Essentials ensures that activities can happen if the leader is not able to attend.  There is not a face to face version of this course; it is only available online.  An offline version of this is available as well for people with limited access to the internet.  Contact your Strategic Partners Team or the Manager of Learning and Development to obtain a copy.

    The easy-to-use Girl Scouting 101 introduces new volunteers to Girl Scouts’ inspiring national leadership experience, from Journey resources and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to cookie sales, safety guidelines, and much more. Spend about 45–50 minutes learning online—whenever you can fit it into your day.

    The ‘Need to Know’:

    • Please visit our online registration portal, accessible through the pink button on our website at . Go to the Activities tab and search under Learning & Training for Volunteer Training.  You’ll see Girl Scouting 101 there.  Add it to your cart and check out (it’s free) then you will be emailed a link to Girl Scouting 101.  Since the email is auto-generated, you may need to check your spam filter! When you click on the link in the email, it will take you to a page that contains not only Girl Scouting 101, but also Volunteering for Series & Events.  If you are a troop leader or assistant leader, only Girl Scouting 101 needs to be completed.
    • Be sure to select Northeastern New York from the council drop-down menu.
    • Be sure you have an updated Flash player.

    GSUSA introduced a shortened version of Girl Scouting 101, specifically for event and series volunteers.  Here’s the description from GSUSA:

    Volunteering for Girl Scouts Series and Events is a condensed version of Girl Scouting 101. If you’re a new series/events volunteer, this 25-minuteonline introduction will give you the essence of Girl Scouts’ inspiring national leadership experience—whenever it’s convenient for you.  The link is When you click on that link, it will take you to a page that contains Girl Scouting 101, Online Volunteer Orientation and Online Leadership Essentials as well. Be sure to click on Volunteering For Girl Scouts Series and Events.

    Not all people learn the best from an online module; we will be offering a new face to face  course from GSUSA called Three Processes: One Powerful Program as a way for volunteers to connect with others and reinforce their knowledge of the processes of Girl-Led, Learning by Doing and Cooperative Learning.  We will begin to offer this 2 hour session in the winter; stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

    Our goal for adult learning in Girl Scouts is to cultivate a culture of learning where volunteers have few required courses but are offered many opportunities to learn: core courses, conferences, enrichment, networking, resources and virtual opportunities!

    The password for the English version is “discover” all lower case.

    The password for the Spanish version is “descubrir”all lower case