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Welcome to your delegate webpage! The go to place to find information about the delegate and alternate roles, Annual and Delegate Meeting announcements and information, delegate training, and much more! Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York has a governance system that is comprised of volunteers serving as Board Officers, Board Members-at-Large, Board Committee Members, Nominating and Board Development Committee Members, Community Delegates, Community Alternates, National Council Delegates and National Council Alternates.

Do you know of a candidate who would like to be considered for a role in our governance system? Please submit suggestions for potential candidates to the Nominating and Board Development Committee via our governance email inbox

Community Delegates are members of the Girl Scout Movement that reside in a Community within the Council’s jurisdiction who are voted by their Service Unit to be the conduit through which matters of governance are understood and communicated and to represent the Community with one voice.

Community Alternates are members of the Girl Scout Movement also residing within a Community in the Council’s jurisdiction who are voted by their Service Unit to stand in place of the delegate and assume their responsibilities (including voting rights) should the Community delegate not be able to carry out their role during a specified period.
Would you like to learn more about Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York’s Governance System? Contact our Governance department at today for more details!

  • GSNENY Stewardship Reports

    GSNENY composes a Stewardship Report each year to reflect on the previous year’s key information and accomplishments.  The report includes information regarding finances, leadership programming, service delivery, and community involvement.  It provides a general overview or snapshot of the year past and is a publication well suited to be shared with Service Units and the public.

  • Delegate Training

    Delegate Training is now available on the Delegate Wiki.

    If you are a delegate/alternate and have not gotten an invitation to join our wiki, please send an email to

    If you are a delegate or alternate that has not yet completed delegate training and its related post training quiz/evaluation please do so as soon as possible!  All delegates and alternates are required to complete the training as a part of their role.  For delegates and alternates newly appointed to the role you should complete delegate training within 30 days of your appointment.

    ***Please note that the post training quiz/evaluation is our only record of you having completed the training.  It is vital that you complete that form.

    If you are unsure if you have completed the required delegate training or if your post training quiz/evaluation has been received by the Council please contact our governance email inbox

    Delegate Training is split into three modules so that they may be done as your time allows.  Module 1 covers information relating to GSUSA-our National organization-and their governance systems.  Module 2 covers information about GSNENY and our local governance system.  The final module, module 3, covers information about your role as a delegate within the Council’s governance system.

    In order to complete delegate training online you will need access to a computer with Windows Media Player.  Please also know that you may call our Albany Service Center should you wish to make arrangements to complete the training online on a computer at one of our locations.  Please feel welcome to contact our governance department via phone at 518.489.8110 should you have any questions or concerns about delegate training or your role as a delegate.

  • Board Communication + Delegate Reports

    Please continue to check this section for updated information on correspondence, information, and reports from our Board of Directors on matters of governance.

    • Policy Matters!
  • GSNENY Delegate Meeting Documents + Information

    • Delegate Role Description

    Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York holds two meetings for delegates each year.  One meeting held regionally (South, Mid, and North) in the fall, and one meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting mid-council per year.

    Fall Delegates Meetings provide an opportunity for information exchange between the Council, the Board of Directors and Service Unit Delegates and Alternates on matters relating to governance.

    For more information about delegate meetings held in the fall please contact our governance department by phone at 518.489.8110 or by email at

  • GSNENY’S Board of Directors and Board Committees

    View the Board of Directors

    Ask the Board!!

    Do you have a question related to Governance? Would you like to discuss something regarding our bylaws, policies, vision or strategic thinking? Would you like more information about our governance structure and how you could become involved? Do you know someone who may be interested in being considered as a potential board or committee candidate? Contact our Governance department by emailing