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Heartfelt Congratulations to the following volunteers who have earned the title of Volunteer of the Month forJune!

 Central Region

Kim Milligan from Community 301 is the Volunteer of the Month for the Central Region.  Kim has a multi-level troop and never turns down a girl.  She also volunteers to help with anything that is needed.  Her daughter is handicapped and she strives to teach the other girls about diversity.  Parents of girls in Kim’s troop have let us know that their girls are having the best experience.  We truly appreciate all of her hard work.

Thank you Kim!

Northern Region

Deb Paradis from Community 453 is the Volunteer of the Month from the Northern region.   Deb has a small troop, yet they had excellent cookie sales.  She works hard to help the girls in their weekly meetings so the girls are leading the way on their Girl Scout journey. She has worked with the girls to put together some fun events for the troop. She is an example of letting the girls lead and giving them the tools to make decisions and grow.

Thank you Deb!

Southern Region

Robin Halko from Community 146 is the Volunteer of the Month for the Southern region.   Robin is the leader of 3 troops.  Last year she took on the responsibility of Community Accounting Coordinator and this year she has volunteered to be a Co-Community Chair.  Robin is full of information and ideas to make the girls experience a positive one!  Robin truly helps make her Community successful.

Thank you Robin!

Western Region

Liz Yanoff from Community 209 is the Volunteer of the Month for the Western region.  Liz has been a leader for many years and has been actively involved in many service projects.  She has been a book drive chairperson, and her troop was honored by the Schenectady YWCA for their service to the YWCA last fall.  Her troop also conducted a Halloween costume drive which yielded over 70 costumes, and they have helped with the information booth at Niska Day.  Liz is a true Girl Scout and we appreciate all of her volunteer work.

Thank you Liz!

Quad Cities Region

Judith Connolly from Community 210 is the Volunteer of the Month for the Quad Cities region.  Judith is the Regional Chair for Quad-Cities, and she has wholeheartedly embraced this role. She is also a part of several initiatives to improve Girl Scouting in our area. We appreciate her commitment and wealth of knowledge that she has brought to Girl Scouting over the past couple of years.

Thank you Judith!


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