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Volunteers Blog

This week is National Volunteer Week! GSNENY is so excited to celebrate this fantastic week by sharing stories about our amazing volunteers and their essential contribution to our mission. To start off the week we have a wonderful story from a staff member about a volunteer whose willingness to help out on a trip gave the girls the opportunity to explore their leadership skills on a once in a lifetime trip!

A few years ago while we were planning a destination to Bermuda our lifeguard had to drop out 6 weeks before the trip.  Since the girls had chosen several water based excursions and we were actually staying on an Island in Bermuda it was imperative to have a lifeguard.  I reached out to a woman named Elise Carr.  Not only did she personally spend the time to test and certify me as a lifeguard (for the water part, she was willing to do it at a YMCA lock-in beginning at 11:30 PM) but she decided to also volunteer for the trip so we would have 2 lifeguards for all events. This turned out to be a wonderful help since often the girls were separated during the water activities and 2 sets of eyes are always better than one.   She has continued to be available (often on short notice) when we needed her for programs!

-Susan Conway, Girl Leadership Specialist


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