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Meet Tawnie

Photo of Tawnie
Lake George

Hi, my name is Tawnie.  I have been a Girl Scout for 7 years.  I joined Girl Scouts so I could get more involved with my community and to meet new friends who shared my interests.

I joined in 1st grade as a 1st year Brownie.  I spent my first two years as a Brownie in the Greater Minneapolis Girl Scout council earning badges to fill my sash and attending a lot of fun area and council activities.  My troop was small so we were naturally very close.  My mom was our leader and I enjoyed spending time with her too.  I started my 3rd year as a Brownie in the fall with the news that my father’s job was moving us to the Glens Falls, NY area.  I was terrified and excited at the same time.  My mom and I started corresponding with the Girl Scouts in Glens Falls in the hopes I can begin with a troop as soon as I get settled in my school to help me to make some new friends.

I started school and Lake George and shortly after I joined my current troop.  My Girl Scout sisters are awesome and some are my very best friends today.   I progressed through juniors, earned my bronze award and moved up to Cadettes.  We are currently working on our silver awards.  As I began doing research for my silver I began to think about what I could do with Girl Scouting beyond my troop and my service unit.   I started flipping through my Discovery catalogs that I get every couple of months offering many really cool council programs.  I kept thinking about all these programs available, why don’t I and other Girl Scouts take advantage of these?  I stopped on a page where they were offering a Cadette travel pathway to the Florida Keys.   I immediately took it to my mom and asked if I could go.   She said I could try to convince the girls in my troop to go.  I pleaded my case at our next meeting.  A few girls seemed interested.  My mom and I started gathering information on this trip.   I saw this as an awesome opportunity that I was not going to pass up.  It ended up being just me who was able to go.  I was excited and looking forward to meeting new Girl Scouts and making new friends.

I collected recycleables, babysat, and set some cookie goals for myself to raise funds for my trip.  I saved my birthday money and allowances to help as well.

This past spring break I went to the Florida Keys.  I met five awesome new friends and did a lot of things I may have never been able to do.  It was a trip of a lifetime!  When I got back I put together a power point presentation with my pictures and my memories to share with my troop and my service unit.  I really am glad I went because now I realize how many opportunities are out there through the Girl Scouts and I hope to take advantage of as much of it as I can!