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Meet Kylie

Photo of Kylie
Mooers, NY

Hi, I’m Kylie  and I am going into my 10th year of Girl Scouting. My Girl Scout story began when my mom signed me up for Daisies when I was 5. Daisies wasn’t a totally new experience. Coming from a family full of scout enthusiasts I was always at my brother’s Cub Scout meeting. I always did everything with the boys and wondered why I couldn’t earn the badges. Well, when I became a Daisy, oh was I thrilled. I not only got to do some great things, but I also got to earn badges. I was so gung-ho for Girl Scouts that when my leader called our house canceling the meeting, I would sit on my couch and cry. What can I say I really loved Girl Scouts from the start!

From Daisies I of course, became a Brownie. Upon my baking in the trusty Girl Scout oven, I told my parents that I wanted to earn every single try-it badge that existed. And so began the journey. I earned quite a few ‘try-its’ with my troop. My mother was my leader and knowing of my goal, she pushed us all to earn many badges. I remember one meeting where my Mom couldn’t make it and my dad had to take over. That was one of the best meetings I have ever been to.

As the time to bridge to Junior’s was getting closer and I was nowhere near earning all the try-its. I remember my dad deciding to help me, as a stay at home dad what more could he do? So everyday up until the bridging ceremony we would work on badges after school. I remember things like growing my own mold and making my own cookbook. And by the time of our annual yearend ceremony I had earned all 60, plus our councils own try-it Disability Awareness. I was so excited that I had earned all 60.

As long as I can remember I was one of the top cookie sellers in our service unit. We used to get medals and I still have three of them that say I was either the top seller or among the top three. I was always into the cookies. I loved everything about them from the booth sales to the incentives. But I must say my favorite part of all is wearing the cookie costumes. And even now as I’m 13 I still wear those goofy suites while we sit outside Wal-Mart in the frigid weather selling cookies. We always had high hopes for our cookies too.

Juniors was a blast. We did so many fun things. I remember one time when my troop went to a junior overnighter. We played games, swam and even learned a little first aid.

As a Cadette the size of troops begin to shrink. The interest of older girls just isn’t there. But my troop has some of the best girls you could find anywhere. Luckily for us our leader is my dad and let me tell you we always have fun. Our meetings are mostly girl ran and to keep order we do elections. We elect president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. And yes, we do have special rules to make sure everybody has a chance at any position they want.

As Cadettes we have done many hours of community service and we march in four parades a year. We help serve food and wash dishes at dinners at the American Legion that provides meeting space for not only our girls, but the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts too. We also assist the town library with the annual Labor Day book sale which is my favorite.

I’m a nine year Girl Scout and I’m proud of it. I love everything about my journey from wearing silly cookie costumes to marching in parades and I couldn’t have done any of this without my Mom and Dad. They have brought me everywhere and done a lot for scouting and, I’m grateful. I am now not only a Girl Scout, but a Venture scout, a Cub Scout leader and am very involved in my dad’s Boy Scout troop. Scouting has been a huge part of my life. I enjoy being a scout and plan to continue on with it for a very long time to come.