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Meet Jenah

Photo of Jenah
Berlin, NY

My name is Jenah. I am a Junior Girl Scout in troop 1515 in Berlin, NY. I became a Girl Scout because it is our family tradition. My grandma was a Girl Scout, my mom has been a Girl Scout or Volunteer for almost 30 years and she even works at Council. Both of my older sisters were Girl Scouts, in fact Meghan was the first Ambassador graduate in the Gateway Council last year when I lived in Florida. I went to my first Girl Scout meeting when I was 2 weeks old and my first camping trip when I was 4 months old. My grandma says we have green blood. I love Girl Scouts because I have adventures that I couldn't have anyplace else, like camp and sleeping at the Albany Devil's Hockey Rink. I am not only in a troop but also go on other adventures like events at RPI and I get to go to summer camp this year. I like doing the Journeys with my friends and earning other awards and patches by myself too. My sister got a scholarship because she was a Girl Scout and I want to get one also. Girl Scouts has made me look at the world around me and they get me thinking on how I can make the world a better place; I am looking at different things this year so I can earn my Bronze Award. Every girl should be as lucky as me and be a Girl Scout.