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Meet America

Photo of America
Moreau, NY

Hello! My name is America. I am a 12 year-old 7th grader, and I have been a Girl Scout for 4 years.

One of the things I like about Girl Scouts is attending meetings because I get to not only interact with the other girls, but I also get to socialize with them. We also go camping, take fun trips and do projects together. A couple of times, we’ve gone on encampments with our Service Unit to Hidden Lake, where a friend and I would get up early to go for short walks looking for salamanders. That is really fun!

Second, I like the Journey books. The colors are amazing and the pictures are great too.  The activities are fun as well as educational.  The third thing that I like about Girl Scouts is that we get interact with the community through things like community service. My troop did a couple of spaghetti dinners at some local churches, visited the elderly, and planted a community garden.

One thing I am really proud of is the Bronze Award I received in 2008. My project was to do a bake sale and lemonade stand along with a bottle drive in order to raise funds to buy a bench for a local park. There was no place for an adult to sit in the park to supervise the children playing there, and the park was being vandalized by some older kids. The owners of the park were talking about tearing out the park! With the funds I raised with the help of my troop friends and girls from the community, I was able to purchase a bench made from recycled plastic that is almost indestructible. With the extra money I earned, I also planted a small garden behind the bench. The most rewarding part of my project was that about an hour after the bench was installed, grown-ups were in the park sitting on my bench while their children played. I am currently working on my Silver Award project.

I am really enjoying becoming a leader.

That's what I like about Girl Scouts.