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We serve more than 12,000 girls in 15 counties. These girls come from very different backgrounds, communities they live in and programs they want to do. Highlighted below by County are some of the wonderful stories that our Girl Scouts have done this past year:

Albany – A Junior Troop earned their Bronze Award by assessing the flags in the South Colonie School District. They alerted their school superintendent, who ordered brand new flags for every classroom.

Clinton – A Brownie Troop held a Teddy Bear Drive and collected 100’s of small stuffed animals and teddy bears that were donated to the two local Emergency Squads in their communities. The Squad Directors stated they had enough stuffed animals to give out to sick kids for the next 20 years. The extra animals were donated to a church bizarre.

Columbia – After visiting the Columbia-Greene Humane Society to earn their Animal Try-It by learning animal safety, a Brownie Troop donated ½ of their cookie profits to the Humane Society.

Essex – Three Troops, Brownie, Cadette and Junior worked on a Genealogy Project to put together a family tree. From this project, they research family recipes and created a cookbook that was sold to raise funds for a trip to New Hampshire to visit the Heritage Museum and go on a whale watch.

Franklin – To help the Senior Citizens in their community, a Senior/Ambassador Troop designed and made over 90 gift cards with matching envelopes that they put in small packets and donated.

Fulton – A group of troops planned, planted and distributed the items from a community garden. The girls did all of the planning including approaching the city board about using the land. They gave their produce to the local food pantry and sold it at the Farmer’s Market.

Greene – A troop actually started a food pantry in a local town. The pantry is open on Fridays from 2:30-4:00 PM. The girls also drop food off to families that are too shy to ask for help.

Hamilton – The girls participated in parades, collected food for the local food pantry and helped out at community events.

Montgomery – Troops in this area help out at the local historical museum, The Walter Elmond. This museum moved during the past year into the Guy Johnson State Historic Site.

Rensselaer – A troop spent three years planning and fundraising to take a trip to Washington D.C. for five days in August. The troop visited many of the national monuments, went to four of the Smithsonian Museums, and had a tour of the Capitol and Senate Chambers and much more. They are thankful to all of the local business that supported their fundraising efforts.

Saratoga – For their Gold Award, a troop created a computer class for seniors that taught basis computer skills through presentation and one-on-one interaction. The seniors did not want it to end!

Schenectady – The troops host a Nickel Carnival every year in February. This past year, the attendance was over 150 people. All of the activities are planned by the troops and they give the money earned to the Juliette Low Friendship Fund. This is a National Fund that helps to pay for girls that travel to different countries.

Schoharie – For the summer, the troops plan Summer Fun Days for themselves. They do lots of out of doors events.

Warren – A Cadette Troop made food for a Habitat for Humanity House Project. They cooked all the food and delivered it to the site. They have also done this for the Vets House.

Washington – A couple of troops did a project called Stuff a Bus to benefit the Granville Food Pantry. On a Saturday, they accepted non-perishable items and money donations.

“The works of today, builds the history of tomorrow”
Julliette Gordon Low, Founder

“At camp, you start out feeling like you are all by yourself and you leave with lots of friends that you want to be with again.”
Brownie Girl Scout

“We do so much more than anyone really understands. We have lots of fun, and we learn to believe in ourselves by helping others. We are all becoming leaders by working together.”
Cadette Girl Scout

“I knew LEGOs were a toy I could make buildings with but now I know they can make machines or animals that can move with motors and work with the computer, thanks for doing the program”
Brownie Girl Scout

“Junior FIRST was fun and I didn’t even know I had learned a lot until the day of the EXPO, thank you for the program.”
Junior Girl Scout

“London was amazing! I got make so many new friends. The sites were wonderful. I can’t wait to have the chance to go back.”
Ambassador Girl Scout

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Natural Healthy Form Event. We learn so much about the different kinds of foods.”
Senior Troop

“Thank you for the wonderful trip to Bermuda. It was great to meet kids our age and learn how they live.”
Ambassador Girl Scout

“We are so grateful for your generous donations. Every donation gives the opportunity for the girls to become our next community leaders.”
Kerry Connolly, CEO

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