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Are you interested in learning how to SCUBA Dive? In this program, you will work with professional SCUBA instructor, Archie Jones from A & M SCUBA. Together, you will learn diving safety and spend hours in the water exploring Lake Clear! SCUBA is a fun but serious program.

Horse Lovers

Do you have horseback riding experience? In this program you will gain further riding knowledge from a professional horseback riding instructor. You will participate in group lessons that will help increase your knowledge of horses and riding! You will leave camp three times this week for about 2 hours each visit.

Saranac Lake 6er’s

Saranac Lake 6ers Challenge is a tourist’s initiative to bring people to Saranac. We are excited to offer you this opportunity right in Lake Clear’s back yard! During You will hike 6 peaks. With your group you will hike Baker, Haystack and Scarface, St. Regis, Ampersand and McKenzie Mountains. Before you start hiking, travel into Saranac and register so you can officially start! Are you ready for a challenge?


Normally, GORP is a wonderful hiking treat to help you stay energized. However, in this program. GORP means Games, Orienteering, Ropes and Paddle! You will have the opportunity to play fun games in the play field, use a handheld GPS to find your way through the woods, try out a low element or 2 and learn basic paddling skills in a kayak or canoe. Who needs GORP to stay energized for this week?