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Why should I choose to send my child to a GSNENY summer camp?

Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls. Our programs focus on girl-planning, as well as hands-on and girl-lead activities. Our staff is comprised of experienced, enthusiastic, talented and well trained young woman who are excellent role models for your child. We offer a variety of exciting traditional and non-traditional camp experiences. Our programs are easily affordable to give all girls an opportunity to attend.

How do I know if my daughter ready to go to camp?

Most girls are ready for overnight camp at the age of 8. Girls younger than that will benefit from a day camp experience. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your child is ready for a day or overnight camp experience.

  1. Does she indicate that she wants to go?
  2. Has she experienced a night away from home?
  3. Is she willing to try new things?
  4. Can she cope with the elements (woods, bugs, weather)?
  5. Does she follow directions well?
  6. Can she care for herself?
  7. Does she enjoy a wide variety of experiences?

If you answered “YES” to most of these questions, then your daughter is ready for an exciting Summer Camp Experience.

Does my daughter have to be a Girl Scout to attend camp?

All girls are welcome to attend. Girls who are not registered Girl Scouts need to indicate so, on the Camp Registration Form and pay a one time $15 Girl Scout Membership fee.

Is financial assistance available?

GSNENY has a limited amount of financial assistance funds. Financial assistance is available for any portion of the camp fees excluding a $25 deposit. This is based on the individual needs of the girl. Assistance is limited to one camp session per child per summer camp season.

Can my daughter go with a friend?

Yes.  If your daughter would like to attend camp with a friend, please write the friend’s name on the Camp Registration Form in the space provided.  Campers will be placed together as long as they both have requested each other and they are enrolled in the same program.

What are the living arrangements like?

Living arrangements at our Overnight Camp vary depending on the camp and its facilities.  Campers will live in platform tents, lean-tos or cabins (Lake Clear only).  Staff sleeps in nearby in tents or lean-tos or in cabins with the campers.  Each living area has access to a shower house.  Cabins have bathroom and shower facilities.

What is the food like?

At our Overnight Camps, meals are served in the dining hall. The camp menus are well balance and planned to appeal to children. Most meals are served family style. Food allergies and special dietary regimes (including vegetarian) should be noted on your child’s Health Form and are easily accommodated. At our Day Camps a daily snack is provided.  You are asked to send your child with a lunch.

What if my daughter has special needs or medical concerns?

We will try to accommodate most special needs and medical concerns to the best of our ability. If you have questions regarding our ability to meet your child’s needs, please contact the Camp Program Department at the Albany Service Center (518) 489-8110.

Can my daughter call home while she is at camp?

We discourage campers from calling home during their stay at camp. It can be disruptive to programming and can cause homesickness. If you have any questions/ concerns, or if an emergency arises, please feel free to call the camp. The Camp Director or Nurse will call you if your child is having difficulties at camp. Please do not send cell phones to camp with your child.

Can we visit camp?

We encourage parents and children to visit camp during our Open Houses.  Visits from parents/guardians while camp is in session are discouraged: it can be disruptive to programming and can cause homesickness.

What if I still have question about sending my daughter to camp?

If you still have questions about sending your daughter to camp, please contact the Albany Front Desk (518) 489-8110.

I am interested in working at a Girl Scout camp this summer.  Where can I find information about seasonal employment?

Applications are available now! Click here to fill out your application.

How does GSNENY comply with New York State safety requirements for operating a Children’s Camp?

GSNENY works closely with the Department of Health to ensure that our camps are in total compliance with all safety requirements.

For more information, please contact the Camp Program Department at the Albany Service Center, 518-489-8110.