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Camp Overview

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York (GSNENY) offers year-round camping experiences for girls of all ages through three council-run summer day camps, three council-run summer overnight programs, a growing number of satellite summer day camps, and school-year adventure expeditions that take place anywhere from a Girl Scout property to the Adirondacks to another state or country.

Camp is everything you think it is, but more.  Girls attending any of our camp programs will have confidence-building experiences exploring the natural world through swimming, boating, hiking, cooking, the arts, and ecology study.

Girls also get the chance to push themselves to try things they never even thought possible – whether sailing on Lake Champlain, soaring through the air on a zipline, climbing open rock face in Lake George, taking a fencing lesson, building their own kayak, getting a behind-the-scenes tour of a local restaurant, trying out mountain biking or ice climbing, backpacking through the wilderness, or working with a vocal coach to perfect their favorite song for a camp talent show, GSNENY camps and expeditions offer opportunities for all girls to try out the adventure of their dreams.  If a girl can dream it, she can do it.

“Camp” doesn’t mean any one experience – it means all experiences!  When you go an adventure with GSNENY, you might sleep in a hotel room, a modernized lodge, a platform tent, or in a sleeping bag underneath the stars – it all depends on the type of experience you choose.  It might last a day, a weekend, a week, or even the full summer.  Our expedition series allows girls with any level of skill and ability to try out different activities.  Camp is what you make of it.

GSNENY works closely with the Department of Health to ensure that our camps are in total compliance with all safety requirements.

Overnight Camps

Girl Scout of Northeastern New York’s summer overnight camps offer incredible opportunities for girls to experience the outdoors in a safe and caring community, to explore the world around them read more

Day Camps

Day camp is a great way to give a child her first taste of camp. Camp will give her the opportunity to make new friends, experience new things, explore the outdoors and to grow in independence. read more

Girl Scout Properties at Other Northeast Councils

Girl Scout Councils in the Northeast Region are opening their camps to Girl Scout troops and groups from around the region. Check out these camps for your next campout. Many are located near great attractions or easy transport to major cities.

All camps will accept your appropriate council training for camping as required. Additional information for each camp is provided, as well as links to the council website for the camp. Reservations for camps are made with the sponsoring Girl Scout Council. Be sure to check and follow your own council’s procedures for travel.