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Journeys are coordinated series of activities grouped around a theme.  Journeys are meant to help build your leadership skills in a way that is engaging, fun and flexible.  Journeys are a great place to start your Take Action Advocacy work…but don’t let the fun stop there!  Do you know of an issue that impacts your community that you’d like to change?  Share your Take Action story with us at

Is your Girl Scout interested in Advocacy, but has already completed this Journey for her age group?  Or is she more interested in the environment?  Try the It’s Your Planet – Love it Journey series-where your Girl Scout can learn more about global and local environmental issues, social justice issues, and issues related to resources.

  • Ambassadors (Your Voice Your World The Power of Advocacy)

    Advocacy is a public effort, but it has many personal components.  Throughout this journey, the girls will have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills-problem-solving, research, networking, persuasive speaking, and consensus-building.  Girls as advocates get at the root of an issue, zooming in on a critical angle of it and creating a plan to address it.  They then pitch that plan to those with the influence to make lasting change.  This journey gets at the heart of Advocacy and prepares our Girl Scouts for a life of Advocating on behalf of positive change for their communities, both local and global.

  • Seniors (GIRLtopia)

    This journey takes Girl Scout Seniors through exploring the world considering the realities of life for girls.  As girls take in this reality, they are invited to envision an ideal world-a society that consistently respects their needs, values, and interests.  This journey guides girls to explore and imagine how they would like the world to be.  It builds the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to create solutions and Take Action opportunities that will address issues in the community through Advocacy.

  • Cadettes (aMAZE The Twists and Turns of Getting Along)

    This journey presents Cadettes with many opportunities to navigate personal relationships in the best and most productive ways building healthy relationships and long-lasting friendships along the way.  Girls will emerge with Take Action projects that mobilize ever wider circles of people in positive and peaceful interactions.  This journey builds on the last helping girls to create the relationships and collaborations needed to make sustainable changes in their community-Advocacy.

  • Juniors (Agent of Change)

    For thousands of years, people have gathered in circles to tell stories, perform ceremonies, offer protection, and resolve conflict-all actions aimed at bettering their world.  From this Junior journey’s start to its closing celebration, the girls will move from a deeper understanding of themselves to discovering how powerful they are as a team to realizing the added strength they gain by reaching out in the wider community to Take Action with its members.  This journey only serves to strengthen a Girl Scout’s ability to connect with her community and peers pooling ideas and resources to make a positive change in her community.

  • Brownies (Brownie Quest)

    Guide a group of Girl Scout Brownies on a quest to find three very important keys.  The three keys they will uncover along this journey are the keys of the Girl Scout leadership philosophy-Discover, Connect, and Take Action.  This Brownie journey introduces Girl Scouts to the three keys of leadership that once cultivated are the basis for all Take Action Advocacy projects!

  • Daisies (Daisy Flower Garden)

    Globally diverse and dedicated to stewardship of the land, the Daisy Flower Garden is a place of enduring leadership values.  Through its colorful characters, Girl Scout Daisies learn-and learn to live by-the Girl Scout Law. Embracing this cornerstone of Girl Scouting is their first step in leadership.  This Daisy journey begins to build the foundations for Discovery and Leadership among our youngest Girl Scouts.  This foundation will help our Girl Scouts build the skill of awareness.