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As a Girl at the Capital Intern, you learn how to become an expert advocate, from research, hands on field experience, to an inside view of the New York Legislature. You have a voice and can be heard!

“Visiting the Legislature and Women’s Caucus was a very rewarding experience. I got to shadow Congresswoman Janet Duprey from the 115th county. I was very interesting to see Mrs. Duprey  in her moment doing her job. I was also able to sit in on session, where I was introduced and the other girls and I witnessed arguments over bills and the passing of some. The experience was truly rewarding and I thank Mrs. Duprey and Girl Scouts for giving me this amazing opportunity to see how our government actually operates day to day.”

- Alexia Holden

“Going to the State Capital and shadowing a legislator far surpassed my expectations. Instead of being a super busy person who would shuffle me off with interns, Patricia Fahy was a warm and friendly woman who cared about my interests. No doubt, she was extremely busy but we had a great time! I had such an amazing experience and even thought I want to go into medicine and the health care professions. I have a new appreciation for government and politics.”

- Kathryn Fortune