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Albany Service Center
8 Mountain View Avenue, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518.489.8110 | Fax: 518.489.8065
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30

Queensbury Service Center
213 Meadowbrook Road, Queensbury, NY 12804
Phone: 518.792.0947 | Fax: 518.792.4310
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30

Plattsburgh Service Center
107 Hammond Lane, Suite 1, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518.563.1560 | Fax: 518.563.5003
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30

*Staff Information Directory-Alphabetical

Name & Position Phone
Accumanno, Tiffany Volunteer Engagement Specialist 518.489.8110 x159
Alem, Chris Property Caretaker 518.489.8110 x151
Allen, Amanda Executive Liaison & Governance Associate 518.489.8110 x110
Alozie, Anzala Interim Vice President, Membership, Volunteer Services and Programs 518.489.8110 x145
Aurelia, Jerry Vice President, Support Services 518.792.0947 x205
Bielawa, Nancy Vice President, Marketing & Fund Development 518.348.1413 x412
Bessett, Darrel IT Administrator 518.489.8110 x114
Bessett, Rachel Council Registrar 518.489.8110 x115
Brown, Samantha Accounting Assistant 518.489.8110 x101
Buszuwski, Mary Chief Executive Officer 518.489.8110 x103
Conway, Susan Program Supervisor – Product Sales 518.792.0947 x203
Danz, Pam CES Manager 518.489.8110 x106
DuBois, Dean Seasonal Property Caretaker
Earl, Jay Properties Caretaker
Grady, Sandra Director of Fund Development 518.348.1413 x408
Hardy, Sarah Strategic Partner (Northern) 518.563.1560 x309
Hilchey, Nikki Grant Writer 518.563.1560 x307
Ibrahimi, Sarah Regional Manager, Strategic Partner (Central) 518.348.1413 x407
Joseph, Marisa Strategic Partner, Regional Manager (Quad Cities) 518.489.8110 x104
Kaarstad, Jill  Strategic Partner (Southern) 518.489.8110 x146
Kelly, AmyGirl Leadership Specialist, Camp Pathway 518.489.8110 x118
LaCreta, Becca Travel and Virtual Pathway Supervisor 518.348.1413 x409
Lanfear, Mike Properties & Facilities Director 518.792.0947 x209
Langevin, Norma Product Sales Supervisor 518.563.1560 x302
LaVoy, Michelle Troop Pathway and Girl Mentor Supervisor 518.348.1413 x406
Lorenc, Joanne Administrative Assistant 518.489.8110 x100
Mackesey, Casey Girl Leadership Specialist, Troop Pathway 518.348.1413 x410
Malone, Cassie Regional Manager, Strategic Partnerships (Southern) 518.489.8110 x111
Marinucci, Allison Advocacy Coordinator 518.489.8110 x112
Mattoon, Grace Merchandise Coordinator 518.489.8110 x149
Moore, Jon Seasonal Caretaker
Rivera, CindyRegional Manager, Strategic Partnerships (Western) 518.489.8110 x126
Sherman, Dave Properties Caretaker
St. Peter, Kris Vice President, Product & Retail Sales 518.792.0947 x210
Stephen, Linda Series & Events Pathway Supervisor 518.489.8110 x124
Svenson, Joy Administrative Assistant 518.563.1560 x301
Titus, Marie Director of Volunteer Engagement 518.348.1413 x411
Governance Governance & Staff Development Coordinator 518.489.8110 x110
Tucker, Cyndi Regional Manager, Strategic Partnerships (Northern) 518.563.1560 x311
Ward, Sue Council Registrar 518.489.8110 x117
Williams, Linda Senior Staff Accountant 518.489.8110 x105