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Girl Scout Pathways are the ways girls and adults participate in Girl Scouting.  Pathways support the Core Business Strategy priority to “build leadership experiences that:

  • Defines activities and outcomes
  • Differentiates by age-level
  • Promotes consistency
  • Offers flexible participation

Based on research and informed by on the ground experience, we know that girls at each grade level—no matter what race, ethnicity, income level, or geographic location—have unique preferences for participation. These preferences usually, but not always, follow six distinct types of experiences we call Pathways.  Girls may participate in as many Pathways as they like.

Girl Scouts Pathways

  • Girl Scout Pathways — Criteria

    National consistency in the implementation of Girl Scout Pathways requires all councils to apply the following standards:

    • Be mission-driven: “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.”
    • Align to the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience:
      • All experiences in Girl Scouting incorporate the Discover-Connect-Take Action keys to leadership.  Girl Scouts experiences are girl-led as much as possible, and encourage learning by doing and cooperative learning processes.
      • Include assessment of outcomes to measure the impact of the experience, determine the necessary modifications, and communicate to internal and external audiences how girls are benefitting.
      • Same high-quality curriculum delivered in all Pathways.
      • Girls work and learn in all-girl environments that encourage them to feel powerful and emotionally and physically safe.

      Adhere to the Blue Book of Basic Documents 2006 and Safety-Wise:

      • Girls and adults must join to participate. Eligibility for participation is based on membership requirements and standards in the Blue Book and is based on the Girl Scout membership level at the time of the Girl Scout program activity.
      • Adhere to girl and adult ratios and consist of at least five girls from more than one family, as identified in Safety-Wise.

      Be relevant and accessible to all girl and adult populations:

      • Girls and adults may join at any time. Girls and adults can participate in any pathway, no matter how long she/he has been a Girl Scout member.
      • Be of interest to girls and adults, and ensure that opportunities are available and accessible for all girls and adults to participate in an inclusive way.
      • Financial assistance is offered to any member.

      Provide opportunities for continuous involvement:

      • Communicate continuously to keep members engaged, involved, and knowledgeable about all the opportunities that Girl Scouts offers.
      • Track participation by pathway through the Council Enterprise System (CES).

      Support volunteers through the Single-Entry System (SES) and volunteer structures:

      • Our systems have to support short- and long-term volunteers.
      • All pathways are volunteer-led and supported whenever possible.

      Provide consistent volunteer learning opportunities (training):

      • Ensure that learning opportunities meet the needs of short- and long-term volunteers to prepare them to deliver high-quality experiences to girls, and is completed before they interact with girls.