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Board of Directors

  • Board Chair: Chandler Ralph
  • First Vice Chair: Paula Bianchi
  • Second Vice Chair: Wanda E. Zygmuntowicz
  • Secretary: Courtney Moore
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Godfrey

Members at Large

  • Youssef Ballout
  • James Farnan
  • Anne Hoback
  • Carol A. Hyde, Esq.
  • Renee Walrath
  • Taryn Webster
  • Catherine Lewis
  • Debernee Privott
  • Dafney Amilcar-Rodriguez
  • April Dalbec
  • Valerie Rapson
  • Lorilee Sheehan

Ask the Board - Do you have a question related to Governance? Would you like to discuss something regarding our bylaws, policies, vision or strategic thinking? Would you like more information about our governance structure and how you could become involved? Do you know someone who may be interested in being considered as a potential board or committee candidate? Contact our Governance department by emailing

BOARD PORTAL (Board Members Only)