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Dear Friends of Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York,

We need your help!  Despite the valiant attempts of many to convince the East Greenbush Town Council to vote ‘NO’ to the casino proposed for Thompson Road in East Greenbush, the Council Members voted in favor of the proposal.

While this was very disappointing, the effort to ensure that this location is not chosen as the site for a casino will continue.  The New York State Gaming Commission will make its decision this fall as to which location in upstate New York will receive the bid.

We urge you to join us in attempting to influence their decision by writing to your New York State Legislator, and Mark D. Gearan, Chair of the NYS Gaming Commission, to voice your opposition to the proposed Capital View Casino and Resort located on Thompson Road, East Greenbush due to its close proximity to the Is-Sho-Da Girl Scout Camp.  [You will see below a complete list of the State Senators and Assembly Members with their email addresses that you can use to send your message]

As a reminder, we have very strong concerns about the location of this casino for the following reasons:

  • Higher volumes of traffic,
  • Increased noise levels,
  • Elevated light illumination at night,
  • An obstructed vista with the existence of a 12 story hotel, and
  • The safety of the girls, troop leaders and camp counselors.

Girl Scouts of the USA just issued a comprehensive research report about the long-term benefits to girls from the outdoor experiences that are provided by programs like those at Camp Is-Sho-Da.  We are able to bring the outdoor experience to over two thousand Girl Scouts annually in the Capital Region who come as part of the summer day program or with their troops through out the year.  We know that if a casino is built on the proposed Thompson Road site, interest and attendance by girls and their families will decline significantly.

In view of the value that outdoor experiences brings to girls, as outlined in the report, we need to encourage more girls to participate rather than creating conditions that cause any inhibition about doing so.

Thank you in advance for partnering with and supporting GSNENY on this important initiative.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

With warmest regards,

Mary L. Buszuwski

Chief Executive Officer

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

Need assistance writing a letter to your State Senators or Assembly Members?  Click here.

Katherine Marchione LOB 306 Email: Lauren Pells <>
Cecilia Tkaczyk LOB 311 Email: Briana McNamee <>
Betty Little LOB 310 Email: Mary P McDonald <>
Hugh Farley LOB 711 Email: Laurie Noel
Neil Breslin Capitol 414 Email:
Janet Duprey LOB 635  
Patricia Fahy LOB 452 Email: Catherine Fahey <>
Angelo Santabarbara LOB 833 Email:Nicole Parisi <>
Steve McLaughlin LOB 533 Email:
James Tedisco LOB 404  
Phil Steck LOB 819 Email:
Didi Barrett LOB 553
Peter Lopez LOB 402
John T. McDonald III LOB 417 Email:
Daniel Stec LOB 940
Gail Thorpe NYS Gaming Commission Email:
 Mark D. Gearan Chair, NYS Gaming Commission New York State Gaming Commission
      PO Box 7500
      Schenectady, New York 12301-7500



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