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Last Tuesday evening a GSNENY staff member had the great pleasure of attending a local Soroptimist International dinner meeting in Schenectady where Felicia Dodge was being honored and awarded both local and regionally in support of the work she has been doing for her Gold Award Take Action Project, as well as scholarships that will help with college expenses. The SI awards she received are named the Violet Richardson Awards and the ones she specifically received for the Gold Award Take Action Project will help with the costs of shipping her project materials to Haiti. The women of the Schenectady Chapter Soporomist International were truly enthralled by having Felicia being recognized at their Regional Conference where the 50 Chapters in attendance overwhelmingly voted her to be the person awarded the Regional Violet Richardson Award. They were also genuinely appreciative and in awe of the work she is doing as a leader in their community and for others globally.

As some of you may remember, Felicia began with a Little Pillowcase Dress project where she had planned to send dresses to a school/orphanage in Haiti. After reconsidering that this was just a band aid for the issue she wanted to address, she explored other options and groups she could work with for her project titled “Invigoration”. In the end the project has become a vocational training with all the supplies required, (sewing machines, cloth, patterns, etc.) for the students/school/orphanage through the connections she made with mission groups and others where they would be able to make their own clothing. Along with this they will be able to sell any excess clothing to become self-supportive in purchasing more sewing supplies and other items to help fulfill their needs.

Congratulations, Felicia, we are super proud of everything you are accomplishing!


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