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Albany, NY. – For people who missed their Girl Scout’s knock on the door, or have eaten the last of the Thin Mints or Samoas, you can still purchase Girl Scout cookies! Troops and girls from the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York are setting up Cookie Booths across the council.

Booth sales started March 14th and will continue through the end of the sale on April 6th.

How Can You Find Cookies? Customers can go to and click on the Cookie Locator icon on our home page. By entering their zip code, they can receive the locations and times of all the Cookie Booths in their area. This year there are over 1,000 cookie booths ready for cookie purchases.

There is also a free Cookie Locator APP available for iPhone and Android devices through iTunes and google play, respectively. In addition to finding their nearest cookie booth sales, customers can learn about every available cookie, and the five essential skills girls learn from selling cookies.


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