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On Sunday, February 25, 2014, International students from 8 countries met with the Girls Scouts of Community #436. The countries represented were Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, China, India, Tunisia, Pakistan, Colombia, Brazil. Many of the students were in their native dress and all had brought artifacts from home to show the girls – photographs of their schools, jewelry, school books, examples of handicrafts, flags, etc.

Our Girl Scouts each received a “passport” that was stamped upon completion of their visit to the various countries. The girls were able to ask questions and had the opportunity to hear about education, culture and life in general from their hosts. It was very eye-opening experience and very different from reading about a country on the internet or in a book. We completed the afternoon with Friendship Circle and refreshments. There were also SWAPS for all to commemorate the event.

This event would not have been possible without the marvelous assistance of Jessa Karki of the Global Education Office, who was truly responsible for pulling the whole event together, and the International students who took a great deal of time and care with their presentations.


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