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In September, Sierra Pizzola was nominated by GSNENY for GSUSA’s National Young Woman of Distinction. Sierra is the first girl member of GSNENY to make it to the final round of nominations to be considered for the award, and although she was not chosen as a National Young Women of Distinction, she was chosen as one of the 5 Honorable Mention Awardees.

Sierra’s project is called “Diamond Strong,” and in her words it “Promotes the healthy development of young women through participation in softball”, but it was much more than this. There were many facets to her project.  One of the issues she addressed were safety concerns with the Maple Hill High School Softball Fields. From the beginning she encountered roadblocks with the School Board who were not sure she could fully complete the scope of the project. However, Sierra was able to spearhead a complete makeover of the softball field as well as implement yearly softball clinics for the Schodack School District. If you are ever interested in viewing  her project in its entirety please let Linda Stephen know! There is a copy of her final report and memory book at the Albany Service Center.


  1. Awesome! great job Sierra! Good to see our local girls nominated for National Recognition :)

    January 3, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Kelly Fagan

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