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Over the past month, members of the GSNENY staff have been working on gathering interest with the Schenectady Community on a cool project, building a float for The Schenectady Gazette Holiday Parade. We have plenty of interest with the girls and last night we came up with the initial design! The theme for this year’s parade is Myths and Magic. So they came up with a design that has a friendly purple glittery dragon, blowing fire into their camp fire while some girls are huddled around it roasting marshmallows! This is a very original and cool idea!

The girls also will theme it around the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting. Their idea is to incorporate the 100th Anniversary Logo on a necklace around the dragons neck and the skirting of the float will be a simple white cloth, written on the cloth will be “Celebrating 100 Years of……” The rest of the cloth the girls are asking everyone to write their own story or what they like about Girl Scouting, this is open to ALL girls who would like to put something on it.

This year’s parade is  on November 17th. The photo included in this post is the initial design concept the girls drew up this week!

If you know anyone who can donate material or supplies to help build the float please let us know. Right now we are looking for lumber to deck the trailer with asap. But we will need items such as newspapers, chicken wire, paint, cloth, glitter and misc. items.

If any of you would like to get involved and help promote girl scouting and have a great time doing it, please let us know! You can email if you are interested or know anyone who can donate anything!


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