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For the last two years, the Product Sales Departments has offered the Expert  Entrepreneur (formerly known as the Ultimate Girl Scout)!

It is an incentive offered to girls who participate in both the QSP and the Cookie Programs and achieve certain requirements throughout the year. Each Expert Entrepreneur receives a certificate of up to $300 towards a one week GSNENY Camp Adventure or one GSNENY Travel Adventure. We would like to congratulate the following girls who reached the 2010-11 Expert Entrepreneur!

Morgan Angrisano, Taylor Angrisano, Grace-Ann Porpeglia, Alison Holmes, Nicole Duclos, Juliana Graziano, Emily Boehm, Regina Desrosiers, Anne Crisafulli, Kayla Kilventon, Ashley Bailey, Sarah Sigot, Lexah Pyskadlo, Lauren Dentinger, Gracie Neubauer, Autumn Rivet, Elana Durrick, Acelynn Lewis, Samantha Billings, Isabella Coleda, Karleigh English, Gabrielle Younes, Samantha Aplin, Rachel Dentinger, Gwendolyn Brundege, Natalie Colberg, Emily Skowfoe, Sylvia Rivera, Megan Hagadorn, Victoria Darling, Alexandra Jerreld, Brianna McGlauflin, Emma Jane Andrus, Alexis Gotham, Hailey Mulrain, Lindsey Palso, Lily Hogle, Catherine Sperbeck, Kelly Phillips, Vanessa Santiago, Michaela Miller, Emily Bridgeford, Alycia Hollister, Sara Wadsworth, Emma Kerr, Taryn Brundige, Abigail Armstrong, Ashleigh Waters, Sara Stewart, Devin Drew, DeAnna Wardwell, Ashley St. Dennis, Katie Hayden, Samantha Poitras, Hannah Grainger, Hailey Woodward, Emmalee Welch, Tamson Brunell, Katie McDowell, Madison Pardy, Shannon Mitchell, Riley Morris

If you are interested or know of a Girl Scout that might be interested in working toward the 2011-12 Expert Entrepreneur have them contact us at or the website for more information.


  1. Congratulations to all the scouts that earned this award! Working with my daughter to earn hers, I really unerstand the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve such an honor. Kudos!!!!

    July 5, 2011 at 6:45 pm by Carrie Graziano

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